About Candace

My desire to help others live incredibly healthy lives began in college while working in hospital and retail pharmacies. I was constantly filling prescriptions for the same patients but none seemed to be getting any better, and most actually looked sicker. I also realized that I was healthier than the doctors and pharmacists I worked with and knew there was a better way.

I grew up surrounded by gardens, eating fresh food every day and my mother says that my siblings and I were never sick as kids. I knew then that my health and physical strength were due to the fact that my foundation was strong — real food everyday, and being active since I was a little girl. Whether it was playing football with the boys, gymnastics, or running track, the truth is, simply being a country girl meant I was relegated to living my life outdoors.

I loved everything about my childhood – being able to roam the woods, catch lightning bugs, and climb trees – but at the age of 11, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, my spine had a 45 degree curve which required a nine hour surgery to attach a 10″ Harrington rod. Gymnast dreams were over. But even more agonizing was having to wear a plaster body cast during the triple digit temperatures and humidity of a Georgia summer. A major reason I’m able to help my clients is that I have personal experience with having to work with limitations and push through painful moments. The rod stopped me from continuing to bend but didn’t straighten the curve so still today, I’m structurally “off”. My right hip is higher than my left, the muscles on the left side of my back protrude further than my right, and I put more weight on my left leg. But in spite of all this, I ran track (hurdles), I’ve competed in a few fitness competitions, winning most, and continue to stay as active as possible.

Today I am passionate about helping women embrace the sensuality of their strength, realizing how strong and masterfully powerful we are. I want us to rekindle the youthful spirit of yes and unleash the adventurous soul that resides in all of us. It is that thing that keeps us AGELESS!