My philosophy is simple – eat delicious meals prepared with fresh, organic products to looks and feel your best. ALWAYS.

I started with the vision of healing through food and debunking the myth that healthy equals tasteless. I have partnered with local bakeries and farmers to give you the freshest breads, cleanest meats, and the most flavorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables. By using local, organic and seasonal products, each food’s unique, intense flavor is able to shine through.

I offer sandwich trays, fruit & vegetable platters, sack lunches, and desserts perfect for office parties, corporate events, or feeding a team of hungry athletes!

With whole grain and gluten free bread options in addition to gluten free snack options, I can accommodate each and every member of your team or staff.

Let me cater your next event!

Salads – Kale Caesar with Lime Dressing  /  Classic Caesar  /  Israeli Salad











Pasta & Fruit Salads – Mediterranean Pasta Salad  /  Turkey Meatball Pasta / Seasonal Fruit Salad


Peak Performance Meals



Sandwich Trays  &  Sack Lunches










Energy Snacks – Pistachio Cranberry  /  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip  /  Granola Bars


Cookies  &  Cupcakes – Chocolate Banana Cupcakes  /  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies