Ditch The Gym!

Ditch The Gym!

I am a member of Lifetime Fitness, which I LOVE, and I am telling you that you can ditch the gym.

Now, I don’t plan on dropping my membership anytime soon because I LOVE going to the gym. I have friends there, though I’m super focused when I go, there are plenty of classes I can take when I want to switch things up, and my favorite thing by far is the outdoor pool where you can find me most summer days, after my workout of course. But all of this comes with a hefty monthly fee. So, why do I do it? Is it strictly because I love to go? Nope, I use it as a networking tool.

Gotta work the room…

As a business owner, it’s in my best interest to work the room. This is a little different from the people who use the gym as a way to pick up tonight’s “piece”. As a Personal Chef, my membership gives me access to hundreds of people who are certainly focused on bettering themselves that also have the means to pay (being totally honest here). I’m sure you pass countless fitness centers on your daily treks with memberships ranging from $20 a month to $$$$$. The truth is you can get great results anywhere, but you can also build an incredibly strong body at home (trust me… I’m also a Personal Trainer).

How To Build The Perfect Home Gym On Any Budget


Find A Space in Your Home That You Can Dedicate to Your Workouts

  • Do you have a spare bedroom? A patio, garage or back porch works perfectly when the weather is nice. But if you don’t have any of these available, all you really need is any small clear area, like the living room or corner in your bedroom.



Make Your Space as Light and Airy as Possible

  • Keep your energy level high during your workouts by creating the ideal space with lots of natural lighting. Of course knocking down walls and adding floor to ceiling windows may not be doable but you can add more light sources to your room by bringing in a few lamps and use soft white bulbs.
  • Incorporate plants – they add nature and beauty in addition to cleansing the air. Some of the plants with the best purification powers are Garden Mums, Rubber Plants, English Ivy, Peace Lily’s, Dracaena (toxic to pets), Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Ferns, and Bamboo Palms.
  • Clear your space of any clutter.
  • Add a mirror which is a great tool to check your form and will also open up your space, making it appear larger.






Let’s Get Some Equipment 

  • Jump Ropes (treadmills and ellipticals aren’t the only way to get cardio)
  • Resistance Bands (they take up no space at all and they travel well)
  • Adjustable Weight Dumbbells (we gotta have some weight guys and these take up no space).
  • Sliders (train your core in a variety of non-impact ways)
  • Kettlebells (combine cardio and strength training with this off-centered weight)
  • Stability Ball or Balance Discs (if no room for stability ball)
  • Foam Roller (give yourself a mini massage or use as your warm up since this puppy definitely gets the blood moving through your muscles)

You don’t need a ton of equipment or bulky pieces to build an amazing body. In my opinion, some of the best tools are quite small and inexpensive. You can always add things like a weight vest, pull-up bar, and medicine balls as you go and get stronger.


Keep It Organized

  • If you’re using a shared space like your living room, you’ll want to keep your equipment tucked away when not in use. A storage ottoman would be perfect here. In addition to it adding a seat to your living space, it keeps your equipment out of sight when not in use and acts as a workout bench when needed.


 Use It

  • Your perfectly created and organized space won’t do you any good if you don’t use it consistently.
  • Get the help you need and hire a trainer if either of these are true:
    • If you’ve been working on your own for God knows how long doing the same exercises, and have only had minor, short-lived results, or
    • You’re gonna be totally honest with yourself and admit that you don’t know what the hell to do
  • Phone a friend or two and benefit by saving money AND having a little motivating competition.
  • You better be a hot, sweaty mess when you’re done!


Be Honest With Yourself

As we move into the space of making New Year’s Resolutions, be honest with yourself about the true meaning of health and wellness. It is more than the weight we lose but truly about the life we gain. So I want you to be dedicated to putting in as much good as possible in every doable way.

  • Eat amazing, delicious foods, healthy foods that bolster your life.
  • Learn to cook. There is no such thing as ‘I don’t know how’. We are human beings. We learn through repetition and persistence so buy a few cookbooks and follow the instructions. Start simply – a few ingredients, a few steps, and grow from there.
  • Keep your physical body as strong as possible. You are no longer wishing you looked or felt a certain way because you have the power to be and do whatever you want.
  • Embrace the power of NO. You are your most valuable asset so step away from people and things when you need to in order to regroup and strengthen your own spirit.

The stronger you are, the sweeter the fruit you have to share with others. 

Love, Candace
















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