I am the survivor of a tragic accident which left me without muscles on the left side of my body – my upper back & chest muscles, and my breast were removed.

After watching Candace work closely with her clients at the YMCA, I asked her to do the near impossible – get me ready for a fitness competition. She didn’t answer immediately, which is understandable because I do have major physical limitations AND  the competition was only six weeks away! But in that short time frame, she whipped my body into incredible shape. I went from 24% to 15% body fat and took 4th Place in my first competition. I competed in my second competition only a few months later and placed 1st!

Candace motivated me and gave me more confidence to believe I could  do anything.  As you might imagine, to do this in six weeks requires an intensity and dedication that’s not always easy to tap into on your own and Candace never hesitated to join in when I needed that extra push.

I have become a better Trainer because of her belief in me and simply want to say thank you for pushing me to my next level.
Francis Martin, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Author

My journey has not been an easy one. I am admittedly inconsistent and I’ve struggled with my weight since I was eight years old.

I met Candace when she offered a 3-month challenge: work with her one-on-one three days a week for two months, then continue the journey on my own using everything she’d taught me in the third month. Her goal was to show me how to remain consistent, which is my greatest challenge, and how I could use my surroundings to stay in shape, which removes the need to have a gym membership. She even monitored my eating by having me send her pictures of my plate before I took a bite.  If something wasn’t the best choice, she’d make me toss it. With her help, I continued to get stronger, lose weight, and finally reach my goal!

I am thankful that Candace came into my life. My weight loss would not have been possible without her help!
Sandy Chavez, M.Ed.
STEM Transition Center Advisor, Mount St. Mary’s College

I Feel Good In Just One Week!

Noni Ayana, Sexologist & Relationship Expert
E.R.I.S. Consulting LLC