The Spirit of Youth and Yes

The Spirit of Youth and Yes

That thing we find so enchanting about children is their simplicity and realism that’s all wrapped up in their wonderment. It’s beautiful. But as adults, our propensity is to complicate things. Some adult screwed us up a long time ago and we are perpetually passing it on to our kids. Stop it! Yes, you can. It’s a conscious decision.

Let’s embrace the youthful, playful, frank spirit of children which makes them so funny and lovable. They are pleasure seekers doing what feels good to them and they are the happiest beings on the planet. Imagine what could happen if we combined the creative and energetic child we used to be with the intelligent and wise being we are today. This is how we stay sensational at any age and it’s Magic!

All eyes on me.

It seems that most of our complicated madness stems from our desire to impress but at the same time, not be ostracized. Think about it. When we have an idea or aspire to do something, what we typically execute is a stripped down version of the initial thought, if we do it at all. The longer we hold the original idea, the more we begin to wonder how we will look to people and end up miserable and stressed. The greatest prison we live in is the fear of what other people think. 

Now, add a lifetime of this and it’s no wonder our bodies are breaking down and our minds unsettled.

So, what’s a chica to do? Simplify.

I know, I know, it just can’t just be that easy right? Why is our first thought to over complicate things when the solution to all of our issues is simple? Stop doing whatever you’re doing that causing you harm. Of course there’s work involved in the process and you can do it. Again, it’s a conscious decision.

We got some unlearning to do.

Because we’ve been conditioned to our condition, we have to unlearn a lot. But if you desire to be in a different space, you have to make moves to get there. The key is to look forward to where you will be –

having healthier, brighter skin, stronger legs, an incredible mind, better sex, sleeping better, better sex. Yes, I meant to repeat that one.

All of these things keep me moving without regret because healthy feels amazing. I’ll keep it thanks.

Being healthy encompasses your whole self. It’s all about:

  • Releasing the rigidity that holds you down.
  • Deciding that saying yes to you is necessary.  
  • Having a healthy heart, strong lungs, and synapses between everything firing strong.
  • Having wonderful people in your life who both support and lean on you.
  • Doing, creating, and learning new things always to keep the mind fertile.

You first.

The way we flourish is by giving to us first. Saying yes to us first. This is not a selfish thought but a matter of survival and the only way we thrive. Because we are natural givers, it’s easy for us to become depleted unless we understand our needs and wants first. So, spend time alone and get to know you. Then let that little girl out to laugh, explore, and create. She’s waiting.



Love Candace.