Your Winter Skin

Your Winter Skin

Finding your winter skin to be not as soft and glowing as it is in the summer?

Well baby it’s cold and dry outside, and cold, dry air is harsh on the skin. But not only is the dry air robbing your skin of moisture, so are your heaters and hot showers. Did I mention how much I LOVE long, hot showers? And it’s not just a winter thing. Funny story, when I go home to visit my parents, my father makes me shower last because he says I use all the hot water.


So how’s a girl supposed to stay bright and moisturized when the elements are conspiring against her?

Here are a few tips to combat the elements and keep the skin beautiful all year long.

  • Add moisture to the air in your home with a humidifier
    • Keep it clean or you’re asking for trouble. Always pour out unused water and wipe dry, and every 3 days clean with white vinegar. If your humidifier has a filter, remove it first then and run under cold water (do not clean with vinegar). Allow to drain. Pour a generous amount of vinegar into the tank and swish around. Let it sit for about 30 min and scrub away any residue or build up.
    • As long as you keep it clean, it will definitely make your home more comfortable.
    • Replace the filter often to prevent bacteria and mold from growing on it.
    • No humidifier?


  • Place bowls of fresh water around your home to add moisture to the air
    • Don’t have a humidifier? Not to worry. Use some of your beautiful decorative bowls filled with water sprinkled about the house. I’m an advocate for simplicity and the bowls are a lot easier than a humidifier which has to be cleaned regularly. Plus the bowls add a bright touch to your space so choose pretty ones!  


  • Add a few houseplants
    • Houseplants continuously release moisture into your home and they cleanse the air. I’m blessed and grateful to have a landscape architect as a friend because sometimes I’ll open my door to find beautiful plants on my steps.


  • Bathe or shower in lukewarm water
    • This one is tough for me because I LOVE long, hot showers! But they strip moisture from the skin so I’ve had to turn down the heat and get out sooner.


  • Keep the door open when you shower
    • Instead of keeping all that warm air in the bathroom to fog up your mirror, let it out to add steam to your other rooms


  • Use a non-soap cleanser
    • You can simply use a pure castile soap which has no chemical foaming agents or you can make your own body wash with just a handful of ingredients.
      • Honey is the secret ingredient. It helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity which makes it perfect for dry, itchy skin. It also helps to soften skin and heal blemishes. Be sure to use raw, unfiltered honey. It won’t make you wash sticky, just nice and smooth.
      • Liquid Castile Soap gives us plenty of suds without chemical foaming agents. If you use an unscented castile soap, you can add in some essential oils and enjoy their therapeutic benefits
      • Oil makes the wash even more moisturizing and you may not need to apply any additional oil after your shower or bath. Almond, grapeseed, jojoba, castor, and olive are some good options.
      • Vitamin E Oil repairs and moisturizes so it’s truly beneficial in relieving the stress of harsh temperatures.
      • Essential Oils have a wide range of benefits. Some heal, repair, stimulate and restore. If you have a particular skin issue, use the oils to treat that. Otherwise, find a scent you love. Try this..   


  • Drink lots of water!
    • If you struggle with this make fruit and herb beauty waters.
    • Avoid too many caffeinated drinks and limit your alcohol intake.


  • Choose foods that hydrate  
    • Foods rich in omega fatty acids such as walnuts, flax seed, salmon, and mackerel keep skin cells hydrated.
    • Cook with coconut oil which restores elasticity.
    • Up your intake of fruits and vegetables which contain loads of water.
    • Avoid foods high in sodium like chips and processed foods as they draw water from the body.


  • Choose a super hydrating moisturizer
    • The skin is our largest organ. What we put on it gets absorbed inside. Use a natural moisturizer that blends organic emollients with plant nutrients or simply make your own with a few ingredients. My favorite has only three ingredients and is super hydrating and healing.


You should always pamper your skin. Use these tips to regulate the moisture in your home and counteract the effects of winter weather so you can glow even through the harshest of days.


Love, Candace

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